Intelligence as Life

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The notions of intelligence and life have been a topic of discussion since the beginning of humanity. Despite the progress made, to this day both concepts remain very much ill-defined, therefore one may think that it is a mistake to try and define intelligence in terms of life. The point of this essay is to argue otherwise, and by considering one key element that I think life exemplifies, I’ll attempt to convince you that life and intelligence share a common structure. Some of the traits of life that can be used to study intelligence include evolutionary transitions, adaptive fitness landscapes, speciation, life/death, and evolutionary novelty. In this essay, I will only consider one of these traits and focus on the idea of intelligence as a tool to generate evolutionary novelty.

Keith Y. Patarroyo
Keith Y. Patarroyo
Researcher Engineer on Chemical Evolution, Digital Chemistry and Unconventional Computation

My research interests include Hierarchical Assembly, Chemical Evolution and Material Computation.