The Empirical Metaengineering Of Game of Life and Beyond


Engineering is the discipline of taking the regularities in the physical or digital world and building useful devices out of them. If we look at technology through the theory of combinatorial evolution, we notice that its evolution is not very different from that of pure mathematics. Since advancements in the Wolfram Model have been used in the construction of the field of empirical Metamathematics, it is natural to extend these results to engineering and attempt to build the field of Meta Engineering. As a crucial first step we consider the Game of Life Cellular Automata; by analyzing and curating its 50+ year development we take advantage of its great popularity and laboratory like conditions(isolation and fine-tuning) to distill key elements of innovation and creativity.

May 27, 2021 2:00 PM — 3:00 PM
Montréal, QC


Keith Y. Patarroyo
Keith Y. Patarroyo
Researcher Engineer on Chemical Evolution, Digital Chemistry and Unconventional Computation

My research interests include Hierarchical Assembly, Chemical Evolution and Material Computation.