Satoshi Takahashi (高橋聡)

Satoshi Takahashi (高橋聡)

Engineer working on Chemical Computers and the Origins of Life

University of Glasgow

Satoshi Takahashi (高橋聡) obtained his MS in Media Arts and Sciences at MIT. He currently works in several projects involving digital chemistry and Robotic Chemistry. One project aims to develop the computational design of oddor molecules for olfactory research. His other projects are related to the origin of life and how to engineer life in the laboratory. He also loves to tinker with air-devices and used to be a member of the MILA reading group on music and AI.

A short description of his training, he was taught the principles of computation by W. Daniel Hillis, how to make machines that make machines by Neil Gershenfeld, how to build self-constructing spaceships by Adam P. Goucher and how to compose music in a computer by Devine Lu Linvega, inter alia.

  • Origins of Life
  • Chemical Computation
  • Unconventional Computing
  • Chemical Robotics
  • MS Media Arts and Sciences, 2021

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • BSc in Engineering, 2018

    Waseda University(早稲田大学)